Side Mirror Housing
  • Side Mirror HousingSide Mirror Housing
  • Side Mirror HousingSide Mirror Housing
  • Side Mirror HousingSide Mirror Housing
  • Side Mirror HousingSide Mirror Housing

Side Mirror Housing

Wanpeisi® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Side Mirror Housing, which is well known in the industry for its superior technology and high quality products. Our offerings stand as the top choice in automotive accessories, featuring meticulous design and a blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from high-strength materials, they ensure exceptional durability and impact resistance under various road conditions, providing reliable protection for your vehicle. The surface of the housing features an advanced anti-scratch coating, guarding against daily abrasions and harsh weather elements, maintaining long-lasting clarity and gloss. With meticulous design adhering to streamlined aesthetics, our side mirror housing enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle.

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Product Description

The manufacturer Wanpeisi®, with its exquisite craftsmanship and professional design, is devoted to crafting Side Mirror Housing that enhance your driving experience with increased safety, durability, and eye-catching aesthetics. On a daily basis, the side mirror is not just a part of the vehicle; it serves as a crucial guardian of driving safety. We deeply understand the driver's demand for safety and quality, which is why our Side Mirror Housing is more than a mere accessory—it represents the ultimate pursuit of quality and craftsmanship.

Materials and manufacturing processes are crucial to product quality and performance. We choose high-quality injection molding materials such as ABS or PC, which are engineering plastics with outstanding durability and impact resistance, and are able to maintain stability under various environmental conditions. In terms of manufacturing, we employ advanced injection molding technology. This process involves injecting molten plastic into molds to form the product's shape through high-pressure injection. This ensures the precision and consistency of the Side Mirror Housing, resulting in excellent quality and reliability.

In terms of design, we emphasize both the fashionability and practicality of the product. The design of the Side Mirror Housing takes into consideration the overall aesthetics of the vehicle, adopting a streamlined and modern look while ensuring compliance with the appearance requirements of different car models. In terms of color selection, we provide a variety of options to meet consumers' pursuit of personalization.

The size and fit of the product qre also one of the key elements in our design. We ensure that the precise dimensions of the housing to guarantee a perfect match with side mirrors of various car models. The consideration for adaptability encompasses variations among different car models and manufacturers, enabling our Side Mirror Housing to be widely applicable to various types of vehicles in the market.

Product Specifications of the Side Mirror Housing






As OE Spec.


Q: Is it possible to mass produce customized housings?

A: Yes, we can produce according to customer's requirement and adjust the design, color and size.

Q: What is the production lead time for the housings?

A: The production lead time depends on the order quantity and specific design requirements. Generally, we will arrange production as soon as the order is confirmed and promptly notify the delivery time.

Q: Do you provide a sample of the Side Mirror Housing?

A: Yes, we offer samples for customers to evaluate product quality and suitability. For more details regarding samples, please contact our sales team.

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